Handwriting problem & solutions


Graphotherapy improves handwriting for kids, teens or adults. It makes it easy to read, faster to write and painful.

What is handwriting improvment ?

The handwriting therapy is a set of methods for re-education of writing.

A child or a teenager will be able to:

- review the prerequisites of writing,

  1. -adjust his/her posture,

  2. -regain pleasure in writing,

  3. -increase writing speed.

As soon as the handwriting becomes easier , the patient will earn in self confidence.

The motor skills

The optimal pencil grip is known as the ‘tripod grasp’ where the pencil is hold by the thumb, index and middle finger. Writing is also the combination of rotational and translational motion of the wrist and  elbow.

Handwriting stability improves between the age of 5 and 9.

Between 7 to 12 year’s old, the recovery of the posture occurs simultaneously with the relaxation of the the wrist and forearm.

Tension gives way to fluidity, which translates into ease of writing and celerity.

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